About us

In our workshop in Antwerp (Belgium), we construct new stock vehicles for both professional clients as well as individuals. By implementing the best practices in armoring technology, we ensure the safety of our clients on a global scale.


Our workshop allows us to make a customized schedule and an adequate proposal to your request. We highly prioritize a step-by-step follow-up in order to guarantee our European-made armoring quality.


Armoring levels are defined by the internationally accepted standards. The different levels ranging from B4 to B7 are determined by the firepower of the weapons, which the armoring is able to protect. In each case, various parts are ballistically protected, such as the windows, doors and panels, floor, roof and complete body structure. In higher levels, also the fuel tank, exhaust system and run flat tires are protected.

Shipment and paperwork

We take on every order from the beginning to the end, including the delivery and paperwork. Official certificates are part of our complete armoring solutions and are taken care of by our services. With many years of experience in exporting vehicles, we can ship from the port of Antwerp to most sea ports worldwide, with weekly departures. Next to shipments, air freight is also a possibility to deliver finished vehicles to the final destination.